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The foundation for a perfect coat


A good primer is very important for the coating of floors and furniture. It ensures that the wood is perfectly protected and the top coat adheres well.


  • Indispensable as a first coat for floors and furniture made of hardwood / exotic woods in indoor areas
  • Also for floors and furniture in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Healthy, moisture-regulating, breathable, dirt- and water-repellent
  • Oxidative drying
  • Low in odour
  • Recommend Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil as a top coat 

SAICOS Ground Oil Extra Thin

  • The open-pore special primer based on natural raw vegetable materials is healthy, breathable and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. It penetrates particularly easily and deeply into the wood and protects it from the inside. Thanks to its moisture-regulating properties, it can be used safely in bathrooms or kitchens. Even spilled food cannot penetrate due to the dirt- and water-repellent surface and can be easily removed.
    We recommend SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil as a top coat.

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