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  • Natural surface treatment for all wood and cork floors, tables and worktops and other heavily used wooden surfaces
  • Fast drying - complete coat possible in one day
  • Colourless or coloured, 4 gloss levels
  • Simple, economical, wood-friendly
  • Oxidative drying


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The multifunctional premium protection for all wooden surfaces

Don't give stains and scratches a chance! SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil makes it possible. This oil is not only suitable for maintenance, but also gives your wood a new coat. High heel marks, building block scratches and spilled food can no longer harm the durable wood and cork floors, tabletops and worktops thanks to this wood care oil. Furniture and children's toys also benefit from premium wood protection. This product is suitable for all wooden surfaces in indoor areas.


Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil

  • The wood care oil is suitable for use on indoor wood.

    For natural care, we do away with many chemical ingredients and use natural ingredients in our Premium Hardwax-Oil.

    This also makes this wood care oil suitable for children's wooden toys. The oils penetrate deep into the pores of your wood and thus enable deep treatment and a long lifetime.

    The oil dries within a few hours and is particularly breathable, moisture-regulating and resistant to household chemicals as well as coffee, wine or juices.

    With this wood care oil, you are perfectly armed for everyday life. The oil is available in four different gloss levels:

    Ultramatt Plus, Matt, Semi-Matt and Glossy.

    A complete coat is possible in just one day because this wood care oil is particularly easy to apply and dries quickly due to its consistency.


  • the wood care oil can be adapted to your specific needs in terms of wood protection and application:

    The hardener accelerates drying.

    Ecoline Uv additive reduces the natural colour change caused by light.

    The Anti Slip additive ensures a non-slip surface.

    The amounts of additives are precisely matched to the respective can contents (0.75l and 2.5l) and can be easily mixed. Customize your wood care oil and take care of it as you need it.

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