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Renovating and renewing made easy


This extra portion of care gives lacquered wood surfaces a slight sheen. Little effort for a great result.


  • Maintains heavily used lacquered wood and bamboo floors and furniture
  • For renovation and renewal
  • For surfaces coated with SAICOS Ecoline MultiTop



The polish gives wood surfaces a subtle sheen

The future is green! We becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint and it is increasingly influencing our actions. We have created the Ecoline product line to meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and durable products for finishing wood surfaces.

The self-levelling treatment emulsion is used for the quick renovation and renewal of wooden and bamboo floors and furniture painted with SAICOS Ecoline MultiTop. Heavily used surfaces get a slight sheen thanks to the SAICOS Ecoline MultiTop Lacquer Polish. The thin film that forms refreshes the surface and impregnates small joints. This means that dirt can't settle and cleaning is made easier. The floor can be used again after 30 minutes. For cleaning in advance, we recommend SAICOS Ecoline Wash Care Concentrate or SAICOS Ecoline Magic Cleaner.

Saicos Ecoline MultiTop Lacquer Polish Matt 8152

SKU: 8152
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