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SAICOS Ecoline MultiTop


The modular lacquer system - different colours, different functions


The all-rounder for a perfect wooden floor.

With the SAICOS Ecoline Multi Top , we have created a unique modular coating system that can be adapted to your individual needs and various areas of application.


  • Water-based 2K sealing for normal and heavily used wood and bamboo floors and furniture surfaces
  • Can be combined with our various Ecoline additives
  • Can also be used with SAICOS Ecoline Oil Ground Coat


Click to Watch appliction video here & data sheet

Saicos Ecoline Multi Top

SKU: 9980eco
  • The future is green! We becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint and it is increasingly influencing our actions. We have created the Ecoline product line to meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and durable products for finishing wood surfaces.

    With the water-based 1-component sealing for normal and heavily used floors and furniture surfaces, nothing is left to be desired. Different combinations of additional products are possible. 

  • Ecoline Hardener 2K accelerates drying, 

    Ecoline Delayer "Slow Down", on the other hand, extends the workability of the product.

     Ecoline UV Protection reduces the natural colour change caused by the influence of light and 

    Ecoline Anti-Slip R10 ensures a non-slip surface.

    The additions of 

    Ecoline Extra White, Ecoline Pitch Black and Ecoline Pure can be used to create different colours. The amounts of the additives are precisely matched to the size of the SAICOS Ecoline Multi Top Plus system.

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