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Unfinished & Natural Oiled 1 m available for delivery

Bespoke staining available.

Please contact 01904 479900 for further information. 3 m lengths also available.


Available in 2m or 3m lengths but collection only for this size or please email for a postage quotation.



Pre-finished hardwood trims developed for use with solid wood, wood veneers and parquet flooring with a finished floor thickness of between 16mm and 18mm.

All  profiles consist of a hardwood top section and a PVC base section. The top section locates securely into the serrations on the base allowing the profile to be tapped down to the height of the finished floor.



SKU: ramptwin
  • The profiles are quick and simple to fit, whether you are a seasoned carpenter or a DIY beginner. Follow the steps below, ensuring that you start with a clean and clear environment and the correct profile has been selected;
    1, Trim down the profile and base to the desired length (if necessary). Be sure to double check measurements before cutting! The top profile may also need notching out in the corners to get a neat fit with the door frame.
    2, Screw and/or glue the base section to the substrate surface between the two floors (or floor and wall) that are being covered or edged.
    3, Allow the base an hour or so to settle and then simply tap the top profile into place with a rubber mallet. Adhesive can be added into the channel before fixing, for extra strength

  • Height Adjustable Base

    The original and the best. All Parallel two part profile systems have an adjustable base profile which makes fitting a breeze. The principle behind a height adjustable base section is simple, it negates the need to have hundreds of individual profiles to do the same job but with slightly thicker or thinner floors. With our system, pick the base section that best suits the thickness of your floor and the top section takes care of itself. Once the base is correctly laid in the channel between your floors, the top section is tapped in from above and automatically self levels to the lowest point. In addition, because the profile is equally secure either at the top or bottom of the base section, it is not critical that the floor is 100% level from one end to the other.

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