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TimberTech Elite Plus is made from PU and mineral compounds – A wood underlay that deliver a new level of noise reduction and comfort.

Size: 1m x 10m (10m2) 3mm


Wood underlays that deliver a new level of noise reduction and comfort.

Suitable for use with laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring (floating floor installation). Made from PU and mineral compound.

Shhh! Underlay at work

TimberTech Elite Plus reduces walking noise by up to 32% and impact sound by up to 21dB, cutting down noise level and making the room a more comfortable place to be.

Ideal for underfloor heating

With a very low tog value of 0.1, TimberTech Elite Plus are the perfect choice if you have underfloor heating, letting it heat the floor more efficiently.

Provides strength & stability

The high density and compressive strength fully support the floor and prevent movement, keeping it in good shape for a longer life.

Protects against moisture

A silver vapour barrier gives superior protection against moisture rising from the sub-floor, keeping your floor dry.


TimberTech Elite Plus 1m x 10m x3mm Underlay

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