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  • Absolutely invisible.
  • Developed for dark wood types.
  • Retains the natural appearance of wood.
  • Makes surfaces suitable for highly intensive use.


  • 2-component Polyurethane Parquet Lacquer - SKYLT Titanium can be directly applied to sanded Tropical wood (or other dark wood Types).
  • SYSTEM: 3 coats of SKYLT Titanium, or 1 coat of SKYLT Recoatable Colour Oil 2K + 2 coats of SKYLT Titanium
  • Can be combined with SKYLT Recoatable Colour Oil 2K. Drying time 2-3 hours between coats.
  • SKYLT Recoatable Colour Oil Clear #5050 adds lovely colour depth to the the wood.
  • Sand before the final coat.
  • Can also be applied to cork.
  • Retains the natural appearance of newly sanded wood. You won't see the coat of lacquer.
  • Beautifully natural.
  • Low-maintenance: mopping with a SKYLT conditioner will suffice.
  • Can be combined with a SKYLT Recoatable Colour Oil 2K for the appearance of an oiled floor with the ease of a parquet lacquer.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.

Skylt Titanium Lacquer with hardener

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