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Protects the wood from natural aging processes


Outdoor wood is continuously exposed to wind and weather as well as the sun. This changes its surface and ages it. SAICOS UV Protection Wood Finish Exterior offers sufficient wood protection.


  • For outside wood
  • Transparent wood coating with long-term UV protection against greying
  • Natural oil base
  • Open-pored
  • Semi-matt
  • Avaiable in Colourless, Pine, Grey & Walnut
  • 26m2
  • Apply using Flat brush.

Saicos UV Protective Wood Finish Exterior

  • That is why you should use "sunglasses" for the wood. UV rays change the colour of the wood. It can turn grey and yellow and thus lose its original colour. SAICOS UV Protection Wood Finish Exterior is a satin finish with a natural oil basis that counteracts these changes. Colour pigments with high UV resistance keep the wood beautiful in the long run. The stain is also water-repellent, moisture-regulating, easy to apply and extremely economical.



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