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Large surfaces or small corners - the Flat Brush plastic bristles are suitable for all dimensions and ensure easy application of paints, oils, waxes or stains. The wooden handle, which is comfortable to hold, makes for easy handling of the Flat Brush .


  • For the application of water and oil-based paints
  • Sizes: 30/50/60/100 mm width
  • Easy to clean paintbrushes

Saicos Flat Brush for Oil & Water Systems

  • Small, medium, large - we have the right Flat Brush for any project. The products sit comfortably in the hand and ensure an even application of paint. Due to their excellent processing and the high quality synthetic bristles, the brushes are particularly durable and can be used for all SAICOS coatings with oil and water bases. They also ensure an especially even stoke result. This is also guaranteed by the working widths of the Flat Brush from 30 to 100 mm, which means that any surface size can be optimally treated.

    Correct cleaning of paints, oils, waxes and stains is important so you can take full advantage of the Flat Brush. If these paint residues remain in the Flat Brush , the bristles can come loose or stick together so that it is no longer possible to work evenly. Water-based paint residues can be easily cleaned with water. For oil-based paints or stains, we recommended SAICOS Brush Cleaner. Using the Flat Brush for coating is therefore only recommended when perfectly clean to achieve a perfect result.

  • When applying a stain, it depends on the individual product whether pretreatment (impregnation / priming) is necessary. Many SAICOS coatings are easy to clean and paint over when renovating. (Please note the respective technical data sheets for the products.) In the case of third-party paints, it is generally advisable to remove remaining paints in order to achieve an ideal result. Remnants of old paints could also significantly affect the protection of the product. To use: Apply generously, quickly and in layers in the wood grain direction, avoid overlapping of the layers of paint.

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