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Rich colours based on natural oil

Bring colour to your life. Whether natural or showy 

SAICOS Color Wax is indispensable for the design of coloured wall coverings or furniture in indoor areas.

Even children's toys can be painted with the colour wax without a second thought.


For interior wood such as furniture, doors, mouldings, wall and ceiling panelling, children's toys and coloured floors (as a primer)

Natural oil base

Semi-matt surface

Oxidative drying


Please click here for application video

Saicos Colour Wax

  • The natural oils penetrate deep into the wood to protect it from the inside and keep it elastic. Natural waxes ensure high durability and a long-lasting beautiful surface. The paint is moisture-regulating, breathable and easy to clean. All shades can be mixed with each other and thus ensure an extremely wide range of colours. We recommend SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil for the final floor coating.

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