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Cleaning brush for wooden terraces


Terraces are exposed to external weather conditions all year round, meaning that their surfaces change. They turn grey and get dirty. Regular cleaning is essential to extend the lifespan of wooden terraces.


  • For cleaning wooden terraces
  • Natural bristles
  • Thread for standard handles
  • Can be used with all SAICOS cleaners for outdoor areas
  • Size: 200 mm

Easy handling, thorough result

This brush was developed for the thorough cleaning of wooden terraces. Together with SAICOS cleaning agents for outdoor use, it removes dirt and deposits in no time. The natural bristles of the brush also reach deep-seated dirt. Thanks to the thread, a standard handle can be screwed on and does away with annoying scrubbing work on your hands and knees.

SAICOS Cleaning Brush for Decking

SKU: 8191
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