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Easily removes paint residues from painting tools


After the work is done, you have the annoying job of cleaning the tools. This is quick and easy thanks to SAICOS Brush Cleaner. Paint residues can be removed and brushes and rollers look new again.


  • Cleans tools from SAICOS wood coatings and other oil or synthetic resin paints
  • Gently removes escaping resins
  • Can also be used as a thinner
  • Low in odour
  • Benzene-free

Suitable as a cleaner and thinner

SAICOS Brush Cleaner professionally cleans oil and wax-based wood coatings and solvent-based oil or synthetic resin paints from tools. It is low in odour and even removes escaping resin from the wood surface without attacking it. It can also be used as a thinner for thickened oil, wax or synthetic resin paints based on solvents.

SAICOS Brush Cleaner

SKU: 5100
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