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Renovate instead of adding a new coating! 2K PU Sealing makes it possible


PVC, linoleum and designer coverings are a popular alternative to wooden floors. Although they are quite durable, they also show signs of wear after a few years. This is where the colourless matt 2K PU Elastic product comes into play.


  • Water-based 2-component sealing for designer flooring, PVC and linoleum
  • Can be used without primer
  • Also suitable for hygienically sensitive areas
  • Colourless, matt

Suitable for first coatings and renovation

The water-based SAICOS 2K PU Elastic is suitable both for the first coating and for renovation of the surface of PVC, linoleum and designer coverings. It impresses with excellent adhesion, high elasticity and resilience. It also ensures an abrasion-resistant surface that is extremely resistant to dirt and is easy to treat. Thanks to its excellent flow properties, the sealing is safe and easy to use. Can only be used in combination with SAICOS Additive Hardener 2K (article number: 9608) Included in the price.


The modular 2K PU Elastic system adapts to your individual needs and areas of application. Additive Hardener 2K accelerates drying, Additive Anti-Slip R10 ensures a non-slip surface and Additive Slow Down extends workability. The amounts of additives are precisely matched to the sealing canister and can be easily mixed with it.


Basic Cleaner Concentrate 8124 

SAICOS 2K PU Elastic Sealing

SKU: 9600 & 9608
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