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Available in Unfinished or Natural Oiled.


Please contact us on 01904 479900 for Bespoke colours.


Pipe Covers couldn’t be easier to fit.  The laser cut jigsaw system simply slides together around the pipe to cover unsightly holes where radiator pipes are required to go through wood and laminate floors.


1, Carefully slide apart the two pieces of the pipe cover.  Look closely and you will see the feint line where the two pieces join.

2, Place one half of the pipe cover around the pipe and place on the floor.

3, From above, hold the half in situ steady whilst sliding the other half into place to complete the ring.  No glue is necessary meaning they can be removed and replaced as required.


Covers holes or gaps up to approx.
Covers. 50mm Ø,
17mm Ø hole.

Radiator Pipe Collars

SKU: radcollar
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