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We have put together a maintenance kit so you can look after your floor.


The kit consists of 

  • Bona Spray mop
  • Refilable cartridge
  • Cleaning pad x 2
  • Bona applicator mop with applicator pad
  • Cleaning soap for weekly cleaning
  •  Maintenance oil


Choose the correct kit to suit your floor finish


  • UV cleaner and maintenance oil
  • Hardwax cleaner and maintenance oil
  • Lacquered cleaner and maintenance oil

JS Woodcraft Maintenance Kit

  • Dry cleaning

    Floors should be cleaned daily using cleaning methods such as vacuum, scissor mop or soft broom. It is important to remove ant abrasive particles of grit or dirt which may scratch the surface when trafficked under footwear, chair legs and other items moved across the floor.

    Damp cleaning

    Using the spray mop is the easiest and most effective way of cleaning wood floors. Simply spray and wipe the floor clean. The mop pack includes full cartridge of cleaner and 2 washable microfibre pads. Once the cartridge is empty you can refill with the spare cleaner supplied.

    On going maintenance 

    Floor finished with traditional oils should be maintained by buffing in the relevant care oil and the frequency will depond on the environment and how much the floor is used. Use the applicator mop which is easy to manoeuvre, swivel head mop with telescopic handle, the perfect maintenance tool. Comes complete with the pad and maintenance oil suitable for your floor finish.

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