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Kit contains Hard floor cleaner, Hard floor fresh & Hard floor polish 750ml plus clothes.

Ciranova Lacquered Maintenance Kit

  • Maintenance Instructions


    During the first 7 days the varnish hardens (especially

    two-component varnish). Therefore Following precautions are


    Don’t move heavy furniture or seats (drag).

    Dust with a vacuum, broom or cloth (not impregnated materials).

    Apply adequate protection (felt) under the legs of tables and chairs.


    The varnished floor must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and Hardfloor Ciranova 

    Fresh ®. Please note that you don’t use products that contain waxes because this can cause adhesion problems for the after-treatment. 

    Then maintain with Hard Floor Polish Ciranova ®.


    Regular maintenance with Hard floor Fresh Ciranova®, a waterbased

    ecological cleaner for all types varnished or lacquered

    wooden floors. Mix 100ml in10l lukewarm water. Moisten the cloth

    with this solution and mop the floor fresh and hygienic at once.

    Rinse out the mop and wring out well. Avoid excess moisture on

    the wooden floor.


    Prevent early wear to the surface by using Hard Floor Polish

    Ciranova®. With new varnished floors, you need to wait at least 14

    days before you use the polish. Pour a little bit of Hardfloor Polish

    Ciranova® on the floor and spread it with even strokes over the

    surface with a mop. Always mop in the direction of the wood to

    avoid streaks. It is advisable to use Hardfloor Polish Ciranova®

    4 times a year in commercial spaces etc., and use Hard Floor Cleaner

    to remove old contaminated layers.


    To renovate a varnished wooden floor, you first need to sand the

    old layers of varnish, remove the sanding dust and then you must

    apply a new coat(s) of varnish. On a lacquered wooden floor, the

    wood will fade where the varnish is worn what makes it difficult to

    obtain a uniform finish. Therefore it is important to apply timely a

    new coat of varnish (after completely sanded the old layers). After

    finishing the wooden floor, respect the time needed so the varnish

    can hard out.

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