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Product highlights

  • Breathable membrane
  • Allows vapour release for uncured floors
  • Wide width rolls
  • Offers impact protection to smooth floors
  • Tested to BS4790:1987, flammability low radius effect
  • Absorbs sprinkles but does not allow dirt and debris to penetrate

When to use
On floors that need to breathe, either uncured timber floors or floors with uncured adhesive. Also for surfaces requiring impact protection.


Key features:

The impregnation prevents the penetration of site debris and gritty particles

Upper surface is heat from anti slip and stiff resistance to damage

The under surface has a softer fabric finish that grips and protects surfaces

Quick and easy to install

The 2m width reduces taping and covers large areas quickly

Flame retardant

High strength and puncture resistant

Protects against scratches and scuffs and impact damage

Protects against stains from paint and other chemicals

Tear proof, breathable and anti static for specialist controlled area protection.

Breathertec Floor Protection 100m2 Per Roll

  • Breathertec is an impregnated needle felt protection constructed from synthetic fibres. A unique, flexible fire retardant protection membrane designed to protect all manor of diverse uncured finishes. Supplied in roll form, the heavy duty impact resistant protection roll is specifically designed to protect newly laid screed floors, resin floors and concrete floors or high end finishes adhered to a subfloor. Breathertec allows the floor to breath during the curing process and can be easily cut or trimmed with a knife. The membrane is manufactured from recycled materials and is completely breathable.

    Flame retardant accreditation: Fire retardant tested and approved to BS4790 

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