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Protect HD-4008 is the professional reference for the protection of parquets, subject to intensive use. It is a water-based 2 component parquet varnish on a polymer and polyurethane concentrated basis of a high quality. It outshines due to a complete transparent and non-milky film with a very high mechnical and chemical resistance. It is profound mat, but does provide a warm glow to the wood.

Basin Protect 2.5L

SKU: hd-4008
    • No retreatment needed.
    • Natural effect.
    • Extra mat.
    • Slightly accentuates the wood.
    • Very high wear resistant.
    • Environmental friendly.
    • Short drying times.
    • No yellowing of the protection over time.
    • Suited for new or sanded to bare wood parquets in living rooms, public places, commercial spaces, restaurants and other places where the floor is subject to intensive use and a high chemical resistance is necessary.
    • Suited for all kinds of wood (oak, pine, maple, ash, beech, elm, ...).
    • For all kinds of interior wood (staircases, massif wooden parts of furniture, paneling, ...).
    • For light colours, stained or tannin rich wood, a special primer HBN-05100 will optimize the result.
    • NOT suited for veneer (= wood of which the thickness of the massive wooden wearing course is smaller than 2,5 mm - view WTCB).
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