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The no Visible Lava HPC-6007 is the no Visible for the professional!

It is a product based on an advanced technology.

It is a 2C product for finishing all types of parquet and elements in untreated wood (only for clear types).

This product belongs to a new generation of parquet products, which combines high performance with environmental friendly technology. No Visible Lava is water-based and ecological.

It provides a natural protection, totally invisible and without gloss that perfectly conserves the charm of untreated wood.

Basin No Visible Lava HPC-6007

SKU: HPC-6007 + PUR-1200
  • Perfectly maintains the colour and natural gloss of the wood.

    • Final treatment, simply cleanable.
    • High ecological performances (conform EN-71.3).
    • No odour.
    • Very low VOC-emissions.
    • Dries quickly.
    • No yellowing throughout time*
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