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  • Water-based reactive stains

  • The Basisplus-stains are ecological, water-based stains which are produced using dyes and pigments, resistant to light and UV-rayes. By these (UV-)light resistant pigments, sunlight does not effect the colour of the parquet.

  • By reacting with the tannic acid, the wood obtains a unique aging effect which highlights the grains and wood structure beautifully.

  • The aging effect is just like the natural aging of wood, especially with dark growth rings on resinous woods and the patination of hardwood.

  • Can also be used on furniture, wood panelling, staircases or any other interior wood.​

  • Dries between 2-4 hours.

  • Final coat with  Basin 2 component lacquers or any wood oils. ​

  • High Coverage with 12-15 m2 per litre  

  • Available in 10 different colours

  • Click here for the data sheet & product catalogue 

Basin Basiplus Reactive Stain

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